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tavia_d in wizardsandkings


As I inspired myself from many of the LJ communities when I wrote the community description, the FAQs, and some ideas for the Prompt Tables, I would like to credit those communities.

So, here they are:

1. I took most of the FAQs from 12_stories and I modified and completed them to suit my community. I inspired myself from the comments to the FAQs from 100_colours, rounds_of_kink, 6_by_6_by_6, 10_whores, 50ficlets and au100.

2. I took part of the rules, what to do, post form, design and page format from the same 12_stories, and I modified and completed them to describe my community.

3. I inspired myself for the Prompts Tables from: 50ficlets, 50kinkyways, 100quills, 10_hurt_comfort, 10_inspirations, 100_prompts, 100fics4u, 30_lemons, citrus_taste, 365_prompts, hpfanfic10x10, fivebyfiction, ficlets100, fanfic50, joss100.

A other inspiration for the Prompt Tables: List of Fan-fiction Kinks, Tropes, and Clichés by eliade.